What is SEO?

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internet marketingWhenever we type a query in search engine and click search, we get so many results and sometimes the results could take a year to check all one by one. So we check results only form the top 1 or 2 pages. And we wonder how these top ten sites get priority for standing on the top pages? The answer is simple! – a set of internet marketing techniques. While we apply marketing strategy to get more and more buyer SEO is an Internet Marketing method which gives us maximum visitors, most of who eventually turn to our real customers.

SEO means search engine optimization while elaborated. That means to optimize your website according to the terms and conditions of Google or another search engine in order to get high ranking in search results.

Seo is usually done in two ways:

1. On page:

While the seo is done directly on the website to improve ranking, it is called on page seo. Like optimizing contents, improving Meta tags, etc.

2. Off page:

Off page optimization is the sets of tasks that are done outside the website’s template. For example, link building with relevant from high authoritative websites.

These two methods of SEO can be done in two ways. One is by white hat SEO, which refers to the approved ways of search engine optimization without manipulating website. On the other hand, Black hat seo means the short cuts and spam indexing to get higher ranking on Google or other search engines which is always discouraged by SEO experts.

We can make use of SEO by ourselves or by hiring seo professionals or seo service providers. To do it, we must need to learn seo comprehensively. For that, we can get coaching from any renowned seo trainer or online seo training. Besides we could attend reputable internet marketing conference which is a great way of enriching your knowledge with best given suggestions from seo experts.